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I got mine-don't want yours

Selfishness and arrogance. Arrogant people, woman and man with crown standing on stop hand

and female," "We don't need any commandments!" "We will indoctrinate children and conform them the way we want!"

[They want to elevate their own words above God’s Word. Just as it was in Micah's day, everyone seems to put his or her own interests first. Time has not changed human nature. Most people still reject God’s way of living. The people in Micah’s time replaced the true worship of God with a homemade version of worship." Ignoring God’s direction led to confusion and destruction. Anyone who has not submitted to God will end up doing whatever seems right to them at the time.]

Samuel went through heartache when the people rejected God because they wanted to be like the other nations, that had a King (1 Samuel 8:4-7). The people clamored for a king, thinking that a new system of government would bring them what they wanted. Their basic problem was disobedience to God, their other problems would only continue under the new administration. What they needed was a unified faith, not a uniform rule. Sound familiar to what our nation is doing in 2022?

But before we close, we should also take a closer look from the national issues that hurt us to the personal ones that affect those who love us. Some refer to it as "keeping it close to the vest" topics.

We can find such an individual in the word of God. Someone who met Jesus up close and personal. This man thought his life was altogether. He thought he had all his ducks in a row. He didn't need anything or anyone else to complete his life’s portfolio.

That is, until he met Jesus. Let's see how this story unfolded. Please read aloud (Mark 10:17-27). This man, like many others today, have questions about the afterlife. Have you ever entertained thoughts of what happens when you die?

This man wanted to be sure he would get eternal life, so he asked what he could do. He said he’d never once broken any of the laws Jesus mentioned (Mark 10:19), and perhaps he had even kept the Pharisees’ additional regulations as well.

He had crossed every "T" and had dotted every "I." But Jesus lovingly broke through the man’s pride with a challenge that brought out his true motives: “Go and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor" (Mark 10:21).

[That was something he hadn't considered. His love of money was the wall that blocked him from moving towards Jesus. Money represented his pride of accomplishment and self-effort. Ironically, his attitude made him unable to keep the first commandment: to let nothing be more important than God (Exodus 20:3). He could not meet the one requirement Jesus gave, to turn his whole heart and life over to God. The man came to Jesus wondering what he could do; he left seeing what he was unable to do.]

He lived a life of "me, myself, and I." He qualified as one who might wear an advertisement shirt that is this title sermon, "I got mine, don't need yours." The Bible tells us Jesus showed genuine love for this man, even though he knew that the man might not follow him. His love was (agapaō). It means to be fond of, to love dearly.

Jesus dearly loved this man. Have you ever heard someone express the personality of someone by describing their motive with the words, "his heart was in the right place, but it was misguided." He had built up all this religiosity, but without Jesus taking the place of his wealth, it all came crashing down.

[Although Jesus wanted this man to sell everything and give his money to the poor, this does not mean that all believers should sell all their possessions. Most of Jesus’ first followers did not sell everything, although they used their possessions to serve others.]

If we are not following him faithfully, whatever we grasp tightly will eventually strangle or choke our hearts. We must remove all barriers to serving him fully. This was the case with Peter, his own disciple. Jesus asked Peter this question, "Do you love me more than these?" (John 21:14,15).

In Peter's case, his questionable commitment to following Jesus did not involve money like the rich young ruler. Three times Jesus asked Peter if he loved him (John 21:15-17). When Peter answered yes, Jesus told him to feed his sheep. It is one thing to say you love Jesus, but the real test is your willingness to serve him.

The Bible tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil and that freely you have received, therefore you should freely give. (Being a witness- feeding God’s creation with the gospel). (1 Timothy 6:9-11; Matthew 10:5-8).

I remember a friend who was truly saved and loved Jesus, but when myself, and my other friend would fellowship with him at bowling or going out to public venues, he never wanted to associate with people who were lost. If we bowled next to strangers on the alley, he wanted to move to another lane.

It was like he wanted to hide Jesus away from them. He had received his eternal life, but they needed to go find theirs. Jesus directed us to not hide our light under a bushel. A light that comes from the Holy Spirit (Matthew 5:14-16). Authentic believers cannot help but speak the name of Jesus.


As the prophet Jeremiah spoke so truthfully, ..."But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones" (Jeremiah 20:8,9 KJV). Fire needs oxygen to breathe. Our God is a consuming fire. He cannot be smothered in a container. Paul said, "woe unto me if I do not preach the gospel" (1 Corinthians 9:16). God gives us gifts for his glory.

I suggested to my friend, that if he's feeling uneasy about sharing Jesus with others, he could hand them material to read, or give out invitations to come to church. Just being yourself and loving on those around you is the best way to introduce Jesus to them. Love them enough to hear them (John 4:7-29) "What a conversation!"

🗣📢 Last words: When you begin to think selfish in life, it always leads to disappointment. Whatever we sow in life we shall reap (Galatians 6:7-10). This was the case with the rich man and the poor man (Luke 16:19-26). His attitude toward the poor man was "I got mine, get yours!" He must have forgotten that we come into this world with nothing, and we leave it with nothing (I Timothy 6:7,8).

The religious leaders during Jesus' ministry carried the same attitude about being children of Abraham, and that God was their father. But Jesus said they served their father, the devil. (John 8:33,39-44). Even Jesus rose from the dead most of the religious leaders would not accept him. They were set in their ways, and neither scripture nor God’s son himself would shake them loose.

Jesus loved us enough to die for us, and he also loves us enough to talk straight to us. If his love were superficial, he would give us only his approval; but because his love is complete, he gives us life-changing challenges. However, some people are trapped in the "Me, Myself, and I" lifestyle. The step on people on the way up, but stumble and fall hard on the way down (Matthew 7:24-27).

Today, you can be set free from a hard heart and selfish hoarding of your own life. Jesus is the way out. Today you can allow him to sit on the throne of your heart. Let go of the stuff, latch on to God!

🛐 Here’s a prayer you can pray to get rid of that "me, self, and I" that keeps following you around. "Heavenly Father, thank you for this message. Lord, I realize that in order for you to be Lord, self must surrender, and pride must be put to death. Father, I repent and renounce and release my dependency on me and surrender my brokenness to you. Whatever the roots, self-doubt, self-hatred, self-religion, etc.


I release the sense that I need anything or anyone but you and your truth to get me through this life. Lord, help me to deny myself and carry the cross you specifically for me. Deliver me from a Pharisee attitude. Remind me, moment by moment, that you will meet all my needs according to the riches of your glory in Christ Jesus, in your glorious name, amen."

Praise God! I'm free!


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