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Blowing off steam

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shouldn’t feel angry, but it tells us to handle our anger properly so it doesn’t control us.

[If bottled up inside, anger can cause us to become bitter and destroy us from within, like foaming acid. Paul tells us to deal with our anger immediately in a way that builds relationships rather than destroys them.]

Yes, anger is permissible in many situations. We may get angry at our children because their silly attitude towards danger could hurt them. Tough love does have anger wrapped in it at times.

But it's not to damage or demoralize the other individual. This type of anger love keeps the hurt from becoming a greater affliction. There are times when children need the rod of correction. (Proverbs 22:15).

Some may not agree with God and Solomon on this, but there are people sitting in heaven right now who were chastised by God’s hand. If God thought it would destroy them, it wouldn't be written it scripture.

Our minds may blow off steam from time to time, but we must allow the Holy Spirit to quickly guide us to peaceful resolutions. Again, spending time with angry people all the time will give the devil an inroad to light anger under you.

It can be easy to pick up bad habits at home, the workplace, even at church. Negative characteristics and habits often rub off. Christians must choose to spend time with people who have Christ-like qualities, maturing in love.

Please read these words aloud to your spirit.
"An angry man stirreth up strife, and a furious man aboundeth in transgression (Proverbs 29:22 KJV). The Greek word (pleonazō) "abound" found in (2 Peter 1:8).

It means for someone to superabound, to exist in abundance, to increase. Some individuals, instead of their anger diminishing, it increases like a raging forest fire. There are many who are involved in anger management classes.

I once knew a man at my church who would always tell me he disliked certain individuals at the church and those he knew outside the church. One day I privately confronted him about his emotions.

I asked him if he knew the word "dislike" could be one step away from the word "hate." He told me it's ok to dislike someone and not sin against them. I agreed, but I told him that kept him from being involved in many group activities.

Jesus spoke about anger, and how it can lead to more hurtful words and actions. Jesus taught that we should not even become angry enough to murder, for then we have already committed murder in our hearts.

The Pharisees and Sadducees thought they were ok concerning the law of murder, but yet they were plotting murder in their hearts to kill Jesus. The Romans carried out their work. Please read  (Matthew 5:21-22 KJV).

21} "Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment:

22} But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire."

If allowed to take root, disliking someone can grow into bitterness, hatred, hostility, sarcasm, animosity, tension, and jealous feelings. A smart person is not quick to get mad. A wise person doesn't fly off the handle.

Anger is like acid that destroys its own container (Proverbs 19:11). Sudden anger is like a tornado, it just pops up and does damage. Here are some words of wisdom to read and pray about. (Proverbs 14:7; 15:18; 25:8; 29:20).

So, how do we deal with anger? Everything starts with acknowledgement and prayer. If you can't see it's there, then you will always struggle. Jesus can break any internal struggle we have, anger included.

People will sometimes use anger as an excuse and will tell me, "Hey Pastor Todd, Jesus got angry!" "Didn't he whip the people out of the temple?" Yes, that's true. But his anger was righteous indignation over sin (Psalm 7:11).

Christians should get angry about what sin does to an abused child by neighbors. We should have righteous anger when the church cannot pray for the unborn. We should be angry when a football coach can't pray on the field.

There are many other examples where it is ok for Christians to be angry. The point is, we don't allow that anger to cause us to break laws. We simply take that anger to the throne of God. Vengeance belongs to God, he repays.

It's difficult to love our enemies, but we are told to do so. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to not take things in our own hands. The church is to be the living visual example of how we handle anger internally.

We are to put on the new man in Christ Jesus. Please read aloud (Colossians 3:10-17) to your spirit and those in your group. We are to let the words of Christ "dwell" (enoikeō) in us. They should inhabit our spirit.

His words should spill out of us when anger may want to take control. Jesus said, "Out of thee abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." (Matthew 12:34-37; 15:16-20). Are you speaking words of anger that divide?

Do you want to conquer anger today? Here are some truthful steps to initiate in your daily life.

1} Confess it: Don't try to deny your way through it. Don't repress it. "I'm a Christian I'm not mad!" Your stomach keeps the score, along with your blood pressure. (Mark 14:70-71).

2} Consider it: (Prov. 14:29) "Lord please show me." Analyze it. Jesus disciples got angry, but Jesus showed them the correct way to respond to it. (Luke 9:52-56).

3} Control it: Yes, you can control it. The Holy Spirit can help you suppress it and give you words of wisdom. It's similar to being angry about something and then having to answer your phone when it rings (Ephesians 4:21-27).

Remember: There is sinful anger and righteous anger. They are extremely different (James 1:19-20).

🛑Don't stir up anger or store up anger.

🚫Sinful anger is to be condemned.

🚫Sudden anger is to be controlled.

🚫Stubborn anger is to be conquered.

😠- (Ephesians 4:31) Sanctified anger is to be channeled correctly.

Before we close, here are the definitions for the words in (Ephesians 4:26-32). Take note of these words and kick them out of your emotions. Your blood will thank you.

Bitterness- is like a weed you chop off but leave the root. Always get to the root of it. Don't carry it as a defensive weapon.

Wrath- A slow burn can lead to a dangerous boil. Others can get burned. Keep watch over it!

Anger- Violent emotions can cause implosion in the home and the church. Build things up, don't knock them down.

Clamour- Is really shouting “I'm not shouting" when you truly are. Ask God to put a watch over the door of your lips. Keep the temperature at a love level that people gravitate towards.

Evil speaking- When you use words like "your stupid", I hate you." Your words can be like poisonous arrows. Dip your heart in the word and your words will be a healing salve.

Malice- Is when you want to hurt someone, to do harm to them in a mean way. To destroy your testimony. Desire to injure someone. To have ill-will towards someone. That's a lot to carry around. Get rid of it.

🗣📢 Last words: Remember beloved members and friends, if you nurse your anger, you will give the devil an opportunity to divide you, your family, and your church. Are you angry with someone right now?

What can you do to resolve your differences? Don’t let the day end before you begin to work on mending your relationships (Matthew 18:15-17; Luke 17:3-4).

To initiate new relationships, all you need to do is to accept payments for your imperfection. All you need to do is tell someone who's angry "I cannot make you love me; that is your choice."

You can cause anger to disappear today. Know this, the word is out: God loves you. Want to tell God you love him? Please read these very powerful verses into your heart everyday (1 John 4:4-1216-21).

Today, my friends, here's an assessment and evaluation question. What are you like inside today? Why ask? Because people face all kinds of tumultuous difficulties in life. But God says that we can still conquer them.

Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world (1John 4:4). When you become a follower of Jesus you allow him to transform your mind, emotions, and will. The more filling of the Holy Spirit’s character, the more anger loses.

That simply means we may not blow our top as much. There will be fewer and fewer fouls, offensive or hurtful words or actions that come out of us as we become more and more like Christ-like. Here's what you can expect:

"When someone jostles or upsets you, does Jesus spill out of you?" Keep Jesus on the seat of your heart and you'll never have to worry about resetting your heart circuit breaker, as long as you stop blowing your fuses.

🛐 Here’s a prayer you can pray to reduce the anger blowouts. "Heavenly Father, thank you for today's awakening message. Lord, sometimes I think I have this anger under control, and then somebody pushes the anger button.

It's as though they were sent to get under my skin. I know your word tells me it's not them, but the enemy that sent them. Lord I know as Christians we don't wrestle against flesh and blood, but against wicked spirits.

Lord, I know from your word that anger can well up inside me, and turn my  thoughts from you and make me a tool of Satan's divisive words and that his  evil can lead me astray.

Sometimes my emotions are running on high temperatures. From happiness and surprise, to anger, fear, and disgust, my feelings are everywhere. Some of these feelings are glorious and blissful, but others leave me dejected and sorrowful.

Help me, Lord, to remember your instructions throughout scripture from today's message. Help us to stamp out anger before it becomes a fiery flare. Help me choose to remain calm and talk things out in love.

Jesus, help me with the spirit of correction and accountability, rather than fighting. Instead of resentment and bitterness, let seeds of love and reconciliation grow in my heart, in Jesus name, Amen."

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