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Spirit of kindness

The Item I want to present to you is a picture that presents the simple message “Try Jesus” This picture was shown to me in prayer while I was praying for men who I played basketball with. I asked my daughter (who has the talent of artistry) to place the heavenly dream I had on paper. She was in the 10th grade during this time.


The yellow represents the glory of God, the doves represent the Holy Spirit, the heart represents the area Jesus wants to be Lord, and the blue represents God's presence in the earth. I am so thankful the Lord placed her talent to one I don't have. For your contribution of only $3.00, I would love for you to have a copy of this beautiful picture the Lord revealed to me. Thank you for your love gift. 





The Comforter

Holy Spirit, we welcome you right now. Come and magnify Jesus through every one of us and use us to declare him to the world. May your word live in our hearts, enlightening our understanding and imparting your truth. Enrich our prayer life with your presence and power, and shine through us that people everywhere will be drawn to the cross of calvary, and glorify Jesus Christ always in us. Thank you God for sending your son to redeem us from sin.


In Jesus name, amen.

Pastor Todd Boxley

Worship Center Ministry

Pastor Todd B. 3.jpg


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