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Some of you may remember the game show called “To Tell the Truth.” It is an American television panel game show in which four celebrity panelists are presented with three contestants (the "team of challengers", each an individual or pair) and must identify which is the "central character" whose unusual occupation or experience has been read out by the show's moderator.

The announcer typically asks the challengers, who stand side by side, "What is your name, please?" Each challenger then states, "My name is [central character's name]." After questioning ended, the panel would vote on who they believed was the truthful contestant. Next the host ask, "Will the real [person's name] please stand up?"  The two impostors then reveal their real names and their actual occupations.


In the Bible, God sent his son to pay the penalty for our sins. {Titus 2:13-15} Many did not believe Jesus was the messiah. Jesus demonstrated that he was the only way to the father. Philip asked Jesus to show them the father. Jesus responded by saying “he that has seen me has seen the father.” {John 14:9} Many people had thoughts about who Jesus was.


Some thought he was a prophet, others thought he was Elijah and John the Baptist. {Mark 8:28} There was a division among the people many said, “he has a devil why listen to him?” {John 10:19-30} At the feast of dedication the Jews gathered around Jesus and said, “if you’re the Christ, tell us plainly.” Their ears couldn’t hear him because they were not his sheep.


Since that time there have been many false Christ, and false teachers teaching false doctrine. The apostle John warned believers about false teachers. False teachers are popular today because, they tell people what they want to hear. And with the media outlets available today, they can spread their message easily.


False teachers will be well received by many who don’t follow Jesus. People don’t know that the real Jesus is already standing, while the false christ’s are not able to stand on their own. In our culture of personalization, where everything is customizable, Jesus is often reworked into what everyone wants him to be. How do you view Jesus? How do you view truth?


Remember the powerful words from the movie "A few good men,” When actor Jack Nicholson raised his voice to Tom Cruise saying, "You can’t handle the truth!" In {John 18:37,38} during Jesus’ trial and crucifixion, Pilate could not face up to the truth that stood before him. While recognizing the truth of Jesus’ innocence, Pilate chose to ignore it and sentence him to death.


It is a tragedy when we fail to recognize the truth. It is a greater tragedy when we recognize the truth but fail to act on it.  Pilate was cynical; he thought that all truth was relative. To many government officials, truth was whatever most people agreed with or whatever helped advance personal power or political goals.


Many people today have rejected the idea of objective truth, so every truth claim is revamped or criticized as a narrative, spin, or agenda.  In Jesus and his Word, we have a standard for truth and for our moral behavior. Perhaps Pilate should have asked, “Who is truth? “Again, Jesus is seen by some as a patriot, a social justice warrior, a therapist, or a giver of bling, these many false christ’s diminish the real Christ.


Today the body of Christ, Jesus's church has been lumped together with all the false teachings and false doctrines. The world wants everything to be in one spiritual stewing pot. Only the true spiritual chefs can pick out the bad spiritual ingredients that don’t belong. Jesus can never be put in our theological pot.


In {John 8:32} Jesus himself is the truth that sets us free {8:36}. He is the source of truth, the perfect standard of what is right. He frees us from continued slavery to sin, from self-deception, and from deception by Satan. He shows us clearly the way to eternal life with God. {John 14:6}


Jesus says that he is the only way to God the Father. Some people resent Christianity because they think it is too exclusive and too narrow. In reality, the way is wide enough for the whole world if everyone would accept Jesus. But some people want to go their own way. As the Way, Jesus is our path to the Father. He provides clear direction to God. As the Truth, he is the reality of all God’s promises. Are you the real believer? Please stand up.

 Please check out some of these pdf files on cults and false teachings. *More coming.

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