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John Waller - The Marriage Prayer w/Lyrics

John Waller - The Marriage Prayer w/Lyrics

This song I want to dedicate to all the married couples or those who seek to getting marry someday or soon...hoping every couples/singles put God first in everything they do. May all the men and women seek to love God more than anything else and not fall into the temptation that Satan has ready to trap anyone who falls in it. It's a great song sung by John Waller featuring his wife Josee Waller. They did an awesome job at this song of lifting up one another to God and asking for God to help lead them to love one another...Photo in the background are taken by me. Well, may God bless those who love Him. Enjoy! Please buy the song here at Instrumental version go to this link and get the performance version: Insight advice or information for married: Please be sure to check out Love & Respect from Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, "for love best motivates a woman and respect most powerfully motivates a man." Insight advice for single: Love & Respect NOW Are you on the verge of divorce or even thinking about to go your separate ways? If so, are you willing to fight for your marriage? Well, I got to recommend the "Love Dare" for you if you are willing to fight for your marriage with God's way. Check out the website here: and also the great movie "Fireproof" as well at their website here: May God bless all you married couples who are willing to fight for your marriage with His help.


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