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 Spring Fever
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Welcome to the marriage vault. This is where two hearts can be secured in the love of God. If you find your relationship has been robbed by separating forces, you can have it restored by God's binding love (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12).

Last week, my normal prayer routine in the morning was disturbed by a familiar sound. I opened my front door and heard a lawn mower. For those that live in the east, it immediately caused me to think, ok, its official, springtime is here.

With the change of seasons. People are going to begin coming out of their shell and be alive. You'll hear all kinds of familiar sounds, birds chirping, flowers blooming, people digging out their spring clothing.

I even get to see those gobble, gobble, turkeys everywhere. Some of you get ready for "Take me out to the ball game feeling." This fever hits everybody, right? We just want to break out and be free from winters hold on us.

This can include the loving relationships we are in. Some relationships have carried a chill in the air through winter. Like removing the piles of snow from your driveway, you must remove the cold feelings of disagreements.

Giving each other the cold shoulder and silent treatment can place a wedge between you. The right spring fever can thaw out those chilly receptions you've given this season. Remember, spring represents rebirth, and renewal.

But, even as there are physical seasons, we face spiritual seasons as well. The husband-wife relationship is a never-ending season of toil and sacrifice. You put in hours, days, and years of making it all work together, right?

Well, when we start to venture outward for the weather change, we shouldn't forget to look inward for the heart changes. How so? Well, let me as the question, "Has your love and sacrifice increased or decreased from last year?"

Have family situations moved you further away or closer together? Sometimes people can't wait to get out of the house, because of who's in the house. Just saying. Still, there are times when God will bring us together.

He does this as a reminder that our love foundation is still built on him. There are times when we need the sun (Son) to beam upon our souls, and send his refreshing outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

There are bad fevers, like the one that kept Peter’s mother-in-law in bed. But when Jesus entered the house and took her by the hand, the fever left her, and she went in and served the people. (Mark 1:30-31).

Satan hates our willingness to serve one another. He wants to divide and cause an implosion inside, so many will think to break free, thinking the grass must be greener somewhere else.

Most times, the other spring grass has weeds already infecting it. This type of spring fever is destructive. Every notice how our college students breakout during spring fever?

After the long winter classes, there is the tendency to drift from boundaries that have kept them safe inside. But once the break comes, they get caught up in other stuff. 

Just like Peter’s mother-in-law, that kind of fever can be life-changing and deadly. Love that cures those winter blahs on the inside can only come from a relationship with Jesus. He gives every couple the desire Paul spoke about.

As a couple, please share reading aloud these verses to each other daily (1 Corinthians 7:1-5; Ephesians 5:20-31). When springtime comes along, don't move further away from your spouse, get even closer.

Couples should make Satan’s spiritual winter attacks less intrusive, so excuses won't cause them to say to their spouse’s needs, “I don’t have time!" This is what the devil wants for both of you. Saying those words over and over again.

Always stay close to each other concerning the things and the work of God that he has for your relationship. Pray that spending more time in prayer with your spouse will cause Satan’s work to backfire.

God has the spring fever that keeps you both on fire for each other. The world's Cupid has ineffective arrows compared to the Holy Spirit’s indwelling fire that explodes from one heart to the other. Grab some S.S.F. for all seasons!

Spiritual Spring Fever! Turn up the heat!

[Married couples have the responsibility to care for each other; therefore, husbands and wives should not withhold themselves from one another but should fulfill each other’s needs and desires.]

💍 Reminder for your marriage vault:

Remember to prepare a round table discussion room in your home. This is a place where you both can bring your one heart into the room and invite Jesus into it. Also keep two Bibles, notepaper, and pen or pencil. Keep the room in soft lit lighting and always begin every conversation you have with prayer.

When you’re not in the room, always keep it locked if possible. Keep children out unless the Lord wants them in the discussion. Always remember to show kindness and respect to each other. Remember, both your hearts are found in the same place.

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Pastor Todd Boxley

*Please note: There will be new messages posted on a monthly basis. You can still check out previous messages when new ones are posted. God bless your marriage.

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