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Testimony Preview

Sometimes we ask God to change our situation, not knowing he allowed us to be in this situation so we might turn to Jesus.

This is my story and testimony of my encounter with meeting Jesus, my Lord and savior, and what role he has played in my life. It has been a rollercoaster life that he has seen me through every valley and every mountain. The rest of my unbelievable story can be heard on this audio cast. May my testimony draw you to the love of Jesus.


          Pastor Todd Boxley

         Try Jesus Ministry

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The Lord needed only 2 people to draw me to himself. Tia Connor and a friend,  Julita Thorton. 

My new life testimony- 3-19-24
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Jeremiah 31:3

Tia Connor

God's glory shines

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Trish & Tia

Tia with her loving mom, my sister, by her side. Only age 7, her words have lasted a lifetime with me. Never goodbye, see ya later.


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