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Storms In Your Life?

Have you ever shared your most intimate life stories with anyone, hoping they might have the right answer to the problems that seem to be more destructive each day? Have you tried every medical procedure hoping this would end your pain? Have you tried every loving relationship, only to see them end up causing you more heartache? Have you isolated yourself from the world thinking things will get better? 

Do you ever feel extremely lonely? Have you exhausted all your financial resources trying to have the cure to end all your struggles? Have you searched out professional psychoanalyst to calm the raging thoughts in your mind? Do you suffer from fears and anxiety from all the dangers in the world, seen and unseen? After all these things under the sun, why not try the one individual who knows all about your struggles in life. Why not simply "TRY JESUS"

*For assurance of real love,

{Mark 4:35-41}  {Romans 8:36-39}

In the midst of the storm
What do you see_


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