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Covid-19 Encouragement

God during uncertain times

In the news today things are anything but uplifting. There are many who are fearful of the unknown and don't know who to turn to during this time. many have contacted me with concerns over anxiety, worry, and the end times. So where is God while all this is going on?


Well let me assure you, God is right where he always is. His glory still shines from the throne and his son is still seated on his right hand, and the Holy Spirit is still filling those hearts who accept Jesus as Lord and savior. Jesus is still knocking on the door of every heart. You see God is omniscient, which means he knows everything there is to know.


There have been many viruses that have plagued the earth in history. There has also been suffering on the earth since man first sinned and broke fellowship with God. Everything on the earth has been contaminated due to the sin nature of man. God knew covid-19 was coming long before its outbreak. But what is our response to it?


Jesus has come to give us hope and peace during these uncertain times. Jesus said in John 16:33 that in him you can have peace. This peace is given even in turbulent times. The world offers a different kind of peace that offers only external desires. Jesus does not abandon his believers in times of struggle.


Jesus mentions end times in Matthew 24. He also mentions the word pestilences in verse 7. So, Jesus knows all future things before they ever happen. There is however good news for those who belong to him. Jesus has prepared a place for those who have been saved. {born again} For the authentic believer, this earth is but a temporary place.


Our real home is in heaven where Jesus is. You too can know Jesus as your personal savior. Please read Romans 10:8-13 and ask Jesus into your heart. Don't wait, tomorrow is never promised.  I'm praying for many hearts to turn to Jesus. God will be glorified through this pandemic.

Try Jesus Today,



          Pastor Todd Boxley

         Worship Center Ministry

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